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Welcome to Kingshurst Music Services

Our aim here at Kingshurst Music Services is to provide a quality Arrangement and Instrumental Tuition Services for both organisations and individuals in the West Midlands.
We arrange music for all groups and ensembles from Symphony Orchestras to Brass Bands, Big Bands to Pop Groups and all other groups in between.

Our arrangements are written for the Intermediate to Advanced Performers but we can tailor any arrangement for the up and coming musicians of the future.

Instrumental Tuition Service

We run classes for Individuals or Groups on String and Percussion Instruments. Our approach is a 3 way plan to develop musician skills in all our students.
You will receive coaching and advice from a professional musician backed up with audio CDs and Online lessons aimed at getting the most out of your instrumental experience with Kingshurst Music Services.


Why learn a musical instrument?


There are many reasons why everyone should be encouraged to learn a musical instrument. Learning helps students develop the following qualities:

  • self-confidence
  • self-respect
  • self-reliance
  • self-discipline
  • learning skills
  • imagination and creativity
  • co-operation
  • commitment
  • loyalty
  • communication skills
  • memory skills
  • team and social skills
  • co-ordination skills
  • concentration skills


Many reports have been conducted both in this country and abroad and it has been proved that playing a musical instrument benefits other areas of learning. The benefits go way beyond musical skills and students can engage in a lifelong learning activity.